Streaming Equipment Booster Pack

I needed to curate some equipment for streaming recently and figured it could be useful to a lot of folks, so I decided to share this Notion doc! A few notes about the list!

  • This isn't a getting started pack! It's to boost your streaming or A/V setup! Meaning that you shouldn't invest this much money or effort into your setup unless you are looking to take your audio and video to a professional level.
  • It's not just for live streaming either! With more and more interactions happening remotely, having high quality audio and video can set you apart from the rest!
  • The total cost of equipment in the list ranges from around $2,500 - $5000 depending on your noise cancelling needs.

I hope this list is useful to you and I'd love to hear what you think or what equipment you recommend! Link to my Twitter is below! 👇