Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewers

Interviewing is no fun, it's stressful and often times you're so focused on performing well that when your interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for me?", you're left staring at them while your mind goes blank and you ask if they like it there. Don't let that happen to you next time! I can't stress how important it is to ask questions during interviews to get a grasp on the company and look for red flags! Write down a few of your favorites from the list below and you'll be much better prepared to answer that question, as well as have a much better idea of the company as a whole.

Because I recently had to interview I figured I'd share the questions I use during interviews and a bunch of folks from the community responded with their favorites as well. Because it was so popular I decided I'd make it a blog post and a bit easier to parse than a Twitter thread.


What do you see as the main responsibilities for this role?

This one helps you gauge whether or not everyone is in alignment about the job you're applying for. It also helps you get a better understanding of whether or not the job is going to be what you thought it would.

How many people have joined your company and left your company in the last year?

This can help you get a feel of whether or not people are sticking around or if they have a bit of a revolving door.

What is the toughest problem you've faced so far, aside from not enough people, and how did you or plan to solve it?

If you talk to quite a few people this can help you figure out whether or not the company is facing more technical challenges or process/people challenges.

If you could change one thing about the company, whether it's a process, technology used, or anything else, what would it be?

This is very useful for figuring out if the people who are interviewing you are trying to show you the bright and cheery or are being pretty candid.

What is the main focus for this company over the next 1 to 5 years?

This really helps you figure out whether or not the company is in alignment and has good communication from the top down. if everyone knows that they're pointing towards the same goals that's a good sign.

Is there something I haven’t asked that you think I should have?

Tends to be pretty insightful in both positive and negative ways.

What does success look like in this role?

Let’s you know what the focus is beyond what may be written in the posting.

What’s most important to the company, the employees, the customers, or the product?

None of these answers are wrong, but it’s an awesome culture indicator, especially if you ask multiple interviewers about the topic. It’s a good sign to get consistent answers across the board!

What are you most proud of at work?

It’s interesting to see what people say to that, it’s usually less cliche answers and it gives a clue into what they value in a general sense.

When a manager sees that something isn’t working, do they have the ability to make changes they need and a history of being able to do so?

Some companies aren’t dynamic and live in a constant self-aware failure mode.

How do you find info about the work going on at the company?

How far into the future do you feel confident you know what your team is working on?

If you see an opportunity for improvement on a project that’s not yours, what do you do?